Your Brain is Not Your Friend

Hello again fellow humans,

We are what we think about.

Do you know where your thoughts take you throughout the day?

Start to pay attention. Watch your thoughts as they come in.

Be an OBSERVER of them. Take a few minutes, write them down, see where your brain is taking you. There is a lot of junky thoughts fed to us and we don’t even realize it.

Ask yourself: 
Do I want to believe this thought? 
Is it taking me in the direction that I want to go? 
Does this thought make me feel good or make me feel bad? 
Does this thought serve me and my purpose?

Don’t just walk around accepting all the thoughts your brain is offering you.

Don’t judge them. Just analyze them.

Why are they there, do I have to believe them?

Take control of your brain don’t let it run the show.

YOU run the show.

This is how you make your brain your friend. 
You train it to how you want to think.

This is how you change your life.

This is how you start to feel good, by consciously choosing your thoughts.

Not just taking whatever your brain is offering you and rolling in belief.

This leads you to nowheresville as your brain loves mediocrity.

Your brain is not naturally your friend. It doesn’t just naturally want what you want.

I promise you this small shift can absolutely change your life.

You are not your thoughts, you are not your mind.

THEN as you get good at this and you see that you are not your thoughts…

THEN you can decide what you want to believe.

You can actually choose the thoughts you want to believe…

THEN with purpose create belief around those thoughts…

THEN create anything your heart desires.

Don’t let your brain run away with your life.

You only get one.

Try me on this.

I dare you.

As a coach we help you create beliefs around the thoughts you want to think. If you want to learn how to do this click here and fill out the form for a free 40 minute call to learn how it all works.

Keep going and expect miracles like your thoughts depend on it,

Are you looking to feel better? 
My clients are thinking their way to feeling better and living better. 
If you want this too, reach out here and let’s have a conversation how I can help you too. 
You deserve to feel better, so what is stopping you?

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