I Want to Teach You a Little Trick

You are gonna love this, friends!

Our brain is a magical place. (pretty sure I have said that a lot here)

When I started to learn how I think and why I think it was a natural transition to studying the brain.

I believe if everyone really understood how our brains actually worked more people would take initiative to make the changes in their lives they want to make. Our brain is extremely malleable and it truly wants to serve us.

We literally can tell our brains what to think. Not the other way around.

I believe this is the stuff that should be taught in schools…but that is for another email…

The physical science gives proof that you can indeed change the way your brain works. In fact, your brain is just waiting for you to tell it what is important so it can help you.

I have so much proof of this but I will use one really universal example.

When you decide to buy a new car. Maybe you really like the latest Ford Explorer. You start to Explorer shop and fall head over heels in love with the blue one. You research prices and even statistics about the Explorer. You have more conversations about the blue Explorer and start to think about it more.

What happens? Now when out and about all you see are the blue Explorers at every turn. They are jumping out at you everywhere you go. I know you know what I am talking about here. This is because you have shown a very specific part of your brain that blue Explorers are suddenly very important to you.

Mel Robbins, the author, talks a lot about this. So if you follow her or have read her books this may be a review for you. But it’s always worth reviewing. 
And if you don’t know Mel Robbins work I highly suggest her books and podcast.

The very specific part of the brain I am referring to is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) It is known as the gate keeper to your mind. Mel Robbins calls it the “bouncer”.

It starts above your spinal cord, it’s about two inches long, and about the width of a pencil. What the RAS does is really connect your subconscious part of your brain with the conscious part of your brain.

Just as you have shown it the blue Explorer is important to you it will continue to show you anything and everything that you tell it is IMPORTANT.

If you let it, your RAS can literally derail your whole life. 
If you ruminate in negatives thoughts (about you…your spouse…your job…your kids…your body…your life etc.) and run on repeat the RAS starts in real time filtering what you see in the world to solidify whatever negative beliefs you are telling yourself.

If you have complained about your job…your kids….your bank account…your body for so long your RAS thinks it’s important to you so it continually shows you reasons to complain. It doesn’t matter how good your day was because your RAS will literally hide it from you.

You won’t even see it. Just like you only see the blue Explorers remember?


The fastest way to feel better is to tell your RAS to show you all the good stuff!

Mel Robbins has her audience look for heart shapes in the environment and post them and tag her. She, herself, has been doing this for years and now sees hearts around her everyday. The more you point them out (to your RAS) the more you see them!

You can literally train your RAS to see anything you want.

If you want more of something in your life just show your RAS how important it is to you.

What if in the morning you made a purposeful list of what you wanted to see each day? Show your RAS what it should be searching for. Be intentional about what you want to identify and have that subconscious part of your brain work for you.

Make it a game!

Please try this. This is actually just one way to start manifesting. But also a good way to FEEL BETTER. If you don’t want to walk around all day feeling like shit the fastest way to change is right through that little RAS.

I’ll be doing it with you!

Gaining control of our own brain and our thoughts is like exercising our bodies. We can’t just do it one time and see any changes. It takes discipline and over time small changes are seen. This is what coaching is and why it is so important.

Life Coaches are like the personal trainers for our mind.

My own coaches have helped me transform my own brain and now I get to help you do the same! Email me back here or click this link and fill out the form for a free 30 min call to learn exactly how I can help you train your brain too!

Keep going and expect miracles, your RAS wants to help you see them,

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