Allison has the coaching solutions and compassionate personality that makes working with her the best decision in moving forward with achieving your goals in life and in business!

-Trish B.

Do you want to feel better?
Do you want next level results in your life?
Do you feel burnt out?
I can help you!



Allison Caracciolo Gallagher

Welcome! You may have landed here because you are interested in life coaching. Coaches have helped me transform my own life! You can absolutely transform yours!


I am a certified life & business coach


I help high-achievers feel content and confident so they can feel happy now while they create the life of their dreams, faster.


Here is what is possible for you:

Whether it is more confidence...

More money...

More time...

More patient parent...

More accountability...

Make a career change....

Start a business or non-profit...

Write your book...

Less fear...

Less guilt....

Less worry and anxiety...

Overcome burn out...

Just to feel better... or anything else you want to attain!!

I can help you!


Coaches help you get where you want to go faster!


If this sounds like you, if you are struggling, or you are just curious of how I can help you then click the link below! We will have a free conversation where you can tell me where you are and where you want to be! By the end of our call you will have relief and clarity about your next steps to take to reach your goals, get unstuck, or just feel better! Then if you wish you can decide if working with me is the right fit! No sweat!


But, imagine knowing how to attain your goals faster!

I promise it's easier then you may think! I mean, if I can do it anyone can! But the road can be different for everyone soooooooo lets chat to discover yours!


Request your Free recording of the

inner child Masterclass bundle


Included in Bundle:
- One hour masterclass recording
- Special reconnection meditation
- Presentation slides
- Journal prompts and more...

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Power hour

A one-hour coaching call for $175

We dive deep into any topic you choose. Feeling stuck in your personal or professional life? Need help brainstorming a marketing idea? This is your opportunity to access focused guidance tailored to your unique needs. Let's unravel challenges, explore possibilities, and ignite your next big idea together in just one power-packed hour. It's time to elevate and overcome obstacles – let's get started!


Download your free sufficiency meditation here

Feeling sufficient can be likened to a shield that protects you in several ways:

Emotional Resilience: Sufficiency fosters emotional resilience, helping you withstand and bounce back from adversity. Just like a shield absorbs blows, sufficiency allows you to absorb challenges and setbacks without being easily shaken.Confidence: When you feel sufficient, you have a strong sense of self-worth and self-assuredness. This confidence acts as a shield against self-doubt and criticism, preventing external influences from undermining your self-esteem. Reduction of Fear: The shield of sufficiency reduces fear, especially the fear of inadequacy or rejection. When you believe you are enough as you are, you are less afraid of judgment, criticism, or not meeting expectations. Protection from Comparison: Feeling sufficient protects you from the harmful effects of constant comparison. It shields you from the anxiety and insecurity that often arise when measuring yourself against others.

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