Custom Framing

Custom Archival Framing For Any Art Work

Allisonanne Studios offers custom, archival framing service for any artwork, precious photo, or prestigious document. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Hammonton, Allison’s profoundly beautiful photography always takes archival measures, and she is thrilled to offer the same level of service to her client’s personal projects.  

Having beautiful photography of your family and works of art in your home starts with the decision to have everything framed. Without a frame, priceless memories stay tucked away to potentially fade.  Properly displaying items in a frame is the first step to caring for your items, the next step being archival preservation.    

About Custom Frame Services:

A frame accompanies a work of art and accentuates the motif while integrating it into the style of your home. Framing is an art in itself, with the right frame influencing the visual appeal of the item you have enclosed.  

Allisonanne Studios is proud to provide custom framing to any project.  Her skill as a visual artist with years as a professional in the photography industry has allowed her to build an outstanding array of framing inspirations and world-class vendors.  Allison has framed works from the hundreds of weddings, families, and other now-unforgettable moments (of all sizes, inspirations, and budgets). Her prolific photography out has partnered her with the best frame moulding purveyors.

Archival Framing:  Choosing Mat & Glass

Allison is passionate about preservation, and every element of the framing process ensures that the object is protected long term.  

Together, you determine which mat and glass styles to choose based on your project and the value of the object being framed.

Your work will be archivally preserved & protected with non-glare glass and acid free mats.   Using conservation matting and glass removes the possibility of your work being damaged. Cheap matting could potentially deteriorate the integrity of the piece itself, including discoloration, acid mat burn, and paper disintegration. Issues occur around the edges where the object touches, or if an acid backing is used the entire framed object could be affected. 

All of our matting options follow Conservation Standards:  

  • Acid-free
  • Lignin-free
  • Neutral pH level

What Do We Frame:

  • Shadow Boxes
  • Fine Art
  • Diplomas, Certificates and Awards
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Canvas
  • Prints, Posters
  • Silk Scarves 
  • Plaques

Below is two framed diplomas: the one below was framed using Archival techniques, which is why the dignity of the paper and crest are still intact. Conservation and preservation are ensured when the right steps are taken to protect your precious art and objects.

Allison is open to partnering on all types of framing projects and looks forward to helping preserve your important objects and memories. 

Get in touch with Allison to begin discussions on your exciting project!

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