The Story of the Stone Cutter

I want to share a parable with you. Stop me if you heard it…not really

A stone cutter was given the task of breaking a very large stone in two perfect halves.

This cutter knew this wasn’t going to be easy. His tools were heavy and after each strike he had to rest.

Because he had to break it clean in half, each strike had to be measured and delivered with intention.

After 100 tiresome strikes over many days the stone was very much still in tact.

As the sun set on yet another day the stone cutter laid his tools down hanging his head in defeat as he walked home. He believed that he was chosen for an impossible task.

But the next day the stone cutter felt a renewed sense of determination, and when he met the stone again he saw a slight crack.

“Well…when did that happen?” He thinks to himself.

He then eagerly placed his chisel into the crack and with one strike broke the stone clean in half.

A passerby saw this and yelled in wonder, “WOW, you broke that stone in half in a single blow!”

This is how progress happens.

You go days, weeks, months, years and think you’ve had little to no progress. Then one day you see something has changed. You are showing up differently in your life.

You feel lighter and less anxious, 
more confident or courageous, 
your jeans feel a little looser, 
you are more patient, 
or more loving to yourself…

Whatever your personal journey is, this is how transformation happens, and you are worthy of it.

I am cheering for you!

Keep going and expect miracles, your days are coming,

Are you looking to feel better? 
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You deserve to feel better, so what is stopping you?

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