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A Clicquot Toast to Marriage

This is an exciting one! This photoshoot was one of my favorites, because of the challenge that it posed on me and the couple that I shot for. Melissa and Vas were married in Greece last year, and wanted me to take their anniversary pictures. Photography in Greece is very different, and they expressed their concern to me about their awkwardness in photos. I thought this to be an interesting challenge, so we got to it. For this shoot, I used the field across from White Horse Winery.


One of the biggest challenges can be height difference. When doing photoshoots for couples, posing (whether candid or traditional) is the most important aspect.  When there is a drastic height difference between the couple it can be very challenging.  I am very particular with my posing for this reason.  As you can see the flow of poses  made for a spectacular session and Melissa and Vas exceeded my expectations!


I was suggested to the couple through the parents of their goddaughter, Anna, who I have photographed many time! Here are two photoshoots of sweet Anna!


They brought a cupcake and Clicquot champagne to celebrate their anniversary. They both ended up being a big part of the shoot and made it complete. The popping of the Clicquot and the lighting of the cupcake set the celebratory mood and made for a memorable session for all of us!














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