What is Your Capacity

Did you ever stop and ask yourself what is your capacity?

There is a great autobiography by David Goggins called “Can’t Hurt Me” 
David is a retired navy seal (among other things) and during his training he was injured and ran on two broken legs.

He literally taped up his ankles and ran his you-know-what off for several miles.

He has now committed his life with the goal to just continually expand his capacity for what he can tolerate and has defied many odds in the process. A process that literally started with his thoughts.

See, our capacity is born and evolves in our own mind first.

Goggins is a human just as we are. So if he can do it why can’t we?

Now you may not want to run on two broken legs but that isn’t the point.

Humans are more capable then they think they are. There are many stories of human beings pushed to the brink and in certain moments doing miraculous things they never knew possible. David Goggins being one of many.

So I will ask you again.

What is your capacity?

Do you really even know?

Does anyone really know?

In my opinion it is one of the most important and profound questions to explore. And if you have kids definitely a conversation to have with them. I am planting that seed early with my daughter that her capacity is her choice. Her parents won’t define it, a boss won’t define it, a partner, a teacher won’t…nobody but her.

Don’t ask friends/family their opinion of your capacity either. They most likely will base this on evidence of your past experiences. It isn’t anyone’s fault but they can’t always see us for what we can be, they see us for what we already are. Make sense? This is also a leading reason it is hard for us to see as well.

This is one of the sole reasons I instantly became enamoured with coaching.

My coaches see past my day to day decisions and see my capabilities. She sees them before I do and without evidence. My first coach showed me my potential capacity at that time and although it felt impossible in those days it instilled new beliefs about what is possible which forever changed me. My knees actually hit the floor in terror when I thought about taking the actions she was offering. It scared the living shit out of me and that is how I knew I had to run towards it. Guess what. I survived. I actually thrived.

I now question my capacity weekly.

How can I push myself this week?

This is something I will never stop doing and to know my capacity is as expansive as I decide is one of the most empowering beliefs I can hold!

When you see every circumstance in your life through the lens of this mindset it really changes how you show up in the world.

Now I challenge you.

When is the last time you challenged and pushed yourself through crushing fear.

How did it feel when you got through to the other side and you lived to tell the tale.

What else can you do to expand your capacity?

I believe your brain is offering you things right now and I want you to run towards them. The things you say you will never do is definitely where you should start. 🙂

This is important work!

You deserve to decide your own capacity and just how far you want to take this one ride we all get.

Keep going and expect miracles as they are all around you,

Are you looking to feel better? 
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You deserve to feel better, so what is stopping you?

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