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Here is the donation form for local businesses. If you are interested in donating and contributing to this event as a business please follow up with me.

We as adults can learn so much from sweet Ben. We are stronger than we think and we can always choose courage no matter what life offers us.

I am asking local businesses to contribute to this event, all families that I photograph will also be donating, and lastly a percentage of the sales of these unique session all with be going to CHOP. I have a goal of a $2000 donation to offer CHOP in April. Each family will receive fun gifts from me and the local businesses.

My why…

Meet my client Ben. 
Ben is a very normal 6 year old boy who lives in Hammonton going through cancer. He started not feeling well and it took many weeks for him to actually get diagnosed. He was eventually diagnosed with AML Leukemia in August of 2022. His family like most that go through this journey have been on an emotional rollercoaster. It truly affects every person in the family in a different way. This family spent most of the Holiday season staying at CHOP in Philadelphia as this little guy went through chemo. During this time mom met many families and learned a lot of different childhood cancers. Apparently there are only 500 kids diagnosed a year in US and Canada with Ben’s type of leukemia. She also discovered there isn’t much research on this cancer and most foundations don’t send 100% donations to the actual research. Except FOR CHOP. 100% of any dollar donation goes directly to research.

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