Lovely Kennedy Photo Shoot

This lovely girl, Kennedy, had her half birthday shoot in my new studio back in February. She was full of personality and oh, those smiles!!

This was one of the VERY first sessions that I did in my new space I was excited to experiment in my new big space and use the bed that my sister grew up sleeping in!

When I found out that one of the very first photo shoots would be Kennedy it was very special for me. Honestly, there was barely any furniture in the space yet but Kennedy’s mom didn’t care she has known me a very long time going back to her first borns reveal! I photographed Little Kellen several years ago now he is Kennedy’s older brother. When Mom came to me that she was pregnant with her second I was beyond elated!

Kennedy is so precious and lovely and smiled the entire time. Mom chose her outfit from Etsy, and including my bed mixed in well with the theme of the photos.

I am so looking forward to having more photo shoots in my new studio! In the meantime, I will be admiring little Kennedy and all of her joy.

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