Empowering Tweens Through Photography: The I CHOOSE ME event

empowering tweens

Empowering tweens has become a passion of mine maybe because I used to be one and now have a tween in my home 🙂

I knew from the moment I moved into my studio space that I wanted it to become home to many special events. I wanted to do more than create just beautiful photographs, but truly touch the community around me. That’s why the “I Choose Me” event really evoked so much emotion for me. This event came to me through a friend who shared that one day her daughter, at age 11, came home from school and everything had changed. A small event that day at school changed her daughter and she was fighting to bring her confidence level back up. We started a conversation that ended with this unique event! This is another reason I am a fan of having real dialogue with the people in our lives. Talking things out creates healing.

Designed to empower, educate, and inspire self confidence, self worth and self love.

Did you know that a girl’s confidence drops by 30% between the ages of 8-14? It was time to get in front of them to give them the tools to combat against this. We are empowering tweens and teaching them to love their uniqueness and celebrate their differences instead of feeling forced to fit in. I specifically told them there is a reason they are different and they have a purpose for being on this planet. They aren’t alone in feeling different, because I shared with them how I felt at their age.

Keynote speaker Maria Grande of Worth in Progress started things off. She is a personal power speaker and coach, as well as talking about body positivity with gym owner Kerri Patton from SOLID Training. The girls were then educated about money from mother and accountant, Kelly Paso, of Alloy Silverstein. We had a lovely woman named Paola write empowering words and pictures on their arms and I finished off the event by capturing their unique beauty in their very own photo shoot. All about empowering girls through photography! They will receive from me, a mounted 5×7 of their favorite image from the shoot. We want them to look at this image in their rooms and feel good about who they are. I truly believe that photography can heal, evoke love, and build confidence.

I knew I didn’t want my daughter to struggle with her self image as I had growing up. I wanted her and other tween girls in our community to feel loved, empowered and confident to be 100% themselves. We aren’t finished we know there is much more work to be done so we will keep instilling in all young people that being different is our super power.

Julia, my daughter, is the face for this event. Which I haven’t done as a professional photographer since she was a baby. However, this event and the purpose behind it was something I wanted to share with my daughter.

After this shoot, I had Julia’s image printed on a 20×30 metal print. Her reaction was priceless. She was so excited to see her powerful image on display and excitedly asked to hang it in her bedroom. For a photographer’s daughter, she is no stranger to seeing her printed image, but she was so proud of these images in particular. Proving just how impactful this shoot had been!

Time for the Boys to get a boost!

So many moms were moved some asked if we could do something for their sons. Well, it got me thinking how much I do want to help boys and so I have contacted several influencial and passionate men to come on board and help me plan an event for early spring for the boys club! I am excited to continue this journey!!

Be Notified of Our Next Event

This empowering tweens event was sold out and together with keynote speaker Maria Grande from Worth in Progress, Golden Sun Artistry who provided the amazing cupcakes, Solid Training and Alloy Silverstein who financed this event for us! Everyone involved raised the confidence and empowerment of 20 tween girls in our community! I can’t wait to show them each their images! It was such a success we plan to bring this back in the future. Message me to be placed on the monthly newsletter to be the first to know about anything going on at the studio!

empowering tweens, downtown hammonton
empowering tweens, downtown hammonton
empowering tweens, downtown hammonton
empowering tweens, downtown hammonton
empowering tweens, downtown hammonton
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